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Grey Hat Laboratories

I am currently asking for donations to keep this project alive during its early stages.
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Please note that I do participate in the Amazon llc affiliate program which means I earn money for promoting products listed on their site. When people click the ads and make purchases, I get paid a cut. Thank you!

Welcome to Grey Hat Laboratories.

I create software, and write blogs on awesome topics of astronomically intellectual proportions... as well as tutorials on programming and scripting languages, and other cool computer science stuff. I'm also working on a project to link exchange the Internets coolest websites. I want the worlds largest database of inter-connected pages of importance. The best of the best is needed.

Tell me, are you on a mobile device or laptop/desktop? I've intentionally avoided all java script on this page to improve loading speed, security, and search engine visibility. For this reason, I'm having users manually choose.

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Discover Grey Hat Laboratories


I am a solo amateur software developer, a writer, and an activist. I provide freeware, and paid for software for people around the world. I will expand to create apps for I phone and Android but for now my main focus is for Windows PC's. My software thus far will work on Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10. My main demographic is the USA and other countries which also speak English, as it's my only current language.

Blogs Articles

Writing is another one of my passions. I write blogs and articles on everything a computer fanatic would be interested in. You can read about everything from the early internet of the 1990s, to really cool websites and alternative forms of social media. I can ramble on about computers all day long, and that's what I do here on GHL, and anything related. Discover a whole new internet you never knew existed, and learn how to do really fascinating things with your computer.

Affiliate Programs

GHL believes in supporting people that do good. Over the years, I will establish affiliate relationships with other software companies and individuals who make a positive impact on the world wide web. For any other tech junkies out there who are interested in affiliate marketing, I will help them get started. Together as entrepreneurs, we can build the life that we dream to live and make the world a better place in the process.


I enjoy learning about computer science. I also enjoy writing and being creative. I decided to put the two together and create one site where I can express all of these creative potentials simultaneously. So here I am, writing tutorials on everything from scripting languages, to programming. I will expand and write other "how to's" on topics not related to code, but still related to tech. I also have a YouTube channel that I hope to get paid with again one day. I'm being very careful to abide by their rules and focusing mostly on promoting what I already have uploaded at this point.


If you'd like to show your support for this website please make a donation via paypal to or you can shop for great tech knowing that your money earns me a commissions as an affiliate. This contributes to this page staying online, and more great information being released to the world for free. Thank you all very much for visiting and please pay it forward by sharing this link on your alternative social media!

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